Custom Mixes

We specialize in creating unique mixes tailored to your style, theme, and vision. Make sure your music is just as creative and powerful as you by ordering a custom mix today!


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Conveniently Built With YOU in Mind

Know exactly what you want and how you want it?

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Our order form gives you all the fields needed to specify song names, time codes, tempo changes, and much more. Each song also has its own note field so you can make your unique ideas crystal clear!

Not even sure where to start?

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No problem! We can assist with developing a concept, selecting music, choosing the best portions of the songs, or any combination of the above! No matter where you’re at with your idea, we can help!

Free Features

The following features are offered free of charge with all of our custom mixes!

Tempo Changes

Speed up or slow down any song! You can  specify exactly how much the tempo should change!

Profanity Removal

We can keep your mix G-rated by censoring out any inappropriate language!

Simple Transitions

Simple transitions consist of either crossfading two songs, or starting the second song immediately after the first. Listen to these clips for examples!

Ending Options

Choose between a soft, subtle fade or an explosive, strong ending!



Adding/Ehancing beats can energize your music selection or even transform it to a completely different style!

Themed Transitions

Transitions are a great opportunity to give your mix its unique edge! With themed transitions, the creative possibilities are endless! Check out these samples of themed transitions:

Sound Effects

Whether you need to create a mood for your themed piece or add some accents to give your piece a fun twist, sound effects are the way to go!


Voiceovers are a great way to showcase characters, enhance a theme, or drop a fun pop culture reference. We offer pre-recorded voiceovers (i.e. clips from movies/TV) as well as fully custom voiceovers recorded from scratch!


Who says you can’t have it all?

Your schedule is our priority! Our standard turnaround time is about 14 days, but we also offer a variety of rush options to fit your needs.

Simply select the date you need your mix and we’ll do the rest!